Stage presence for singers

E6.3 Mcmillan Student Village, Creek Road, Deptford, London, SE8 3BY, United Kingdom

Performance/ stage presence for singers. This class is perfect for you if: - You are looking to improve your performance skills - You are looking for different ways of interpreting a song - You want to get more comfortable with your body movement on stage - You feel stuck or insecure about your performance skills - You have not performed publicly yet and you are looking for professional guidance Each session is 1:30hrs long. This includes a short briefing of each lesson to set goals and get feedback from previous ones, body and mind warm up, customized drills and exercises to target specific areas of interest. We will either work on a specific song/songs or develop a general practice for you to enhance your performing skills. You will be receiving tailor-made notes and homework, depending on your experience and time engagements. Your progress will be monitored and you will receive feedback regularly to track your progress. As a professional singer myself, I know that the voice is entirely connected with the body. Many obstacles that hold a vocal performance back derive from psychological or body awareness issues, so if we target the laters effectively we will be able to free the voice which will lead to your best performance!
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Week of Monday 16/09
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