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London, United Kingdom

What is Qigong? Qigong (Pronounced Chi Kung) is often called the Chinese version of Yoga. It is now recognized as an effective and entirely natural means of stress management and quickly improves Concentration, Clarity of Mind and Physical Vitality. It also promotes an awareness of your own potential, helping enhance your “Inner Treasures”. The benefits of Qigong arise from the Physical Self Awareness and Mental Tranquillity which it produces. Qigong progressively replenishes bodily defences, and enhances Circulatory and Respiratory efficiency. This in turn alleviates many stress related conditions such as anxiety symptoms, respiratory symptoms, and any number of other dysfunctions which mutually aggravate each other. The irritability and general debility associated with such dysfunctions are frequently coupled with a disposition to illness. Practice of Qigong quickly produces a new state from which it can become possible to assert a unified control over these disparate and warring symptoms. Qigong movements are easily learned and consist mainly of a combination of Breathing, Posture, Concentration, Relaxation and Gentle Exercise. Once practiced regularly, Qigong provides a welcome tonic for all ages, alleviates the ills of time, extends life and adds the enjoyment of it. The teaching: I have a wealth of teaching experience, and am one of the UK’s leading authorities on Qigong and traditional Chinese healing. Amongst other things I have been invited to address the Cambridge Union on the subject. Benefits: -Learn and practice with one of the great masters. -Over 30 years International teaching experience at the highest level -First class, air conditioned training hall in South Kensington This introductory session will give you the opportunity to enrol in an introductory course.
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Week of Monday 21/10
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