Private Yoga Class


Private classes Although a wonderful way to share energy with like-minded souls, yoga is a deeply personal practice. A one-to-one session can facilitate your individual path to self-discovery and find out how yoga can uniquely work for you. Fresh start If you are new to yoga a group class could be intimidating. A private session can give you a good idea of what practicing yoga involves so you can then feel comfortable joining a group, or keep your practice sacred and solo. Deepen and focus For those yogis who would like to deepen their own practice and take their self-discovery to the next level a private class can focus on your unique development. Perhaps there are certain techniques you want to work on and make sure you are doing correctly, or you simply need support in making time and space for your yoga. Healing and safety If you have particular health or fitness issues and you are unsure what actions and practices are safe and beneficial for your body, we can tailor each class to your individual healing needs.
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Week of Monday 21/10
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