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In Private lessons, M can personally develop a plan for your dance journey, either it be learning for your spouse, preparing for an event, learning to regain skills, or to overcome hurdles in your life. Dance is very special in the way where M specializes in finding the best fit and teaching style for you! Private lessons begin with a little warm-up to prepare the body for new movements, a breakdown of what the lesson will offer, and a chance to see where you can go from there! These lessons are for all ages, including young kids beginning their foundation of dance, balance, and movement understanding, or for elders who wish to keep their body flowing and work on their basic movement necessities. M goes through various exercises to stimulate the mind and body to work together. These private lessons can vary by style or request. For example, couples are welcome (especially wedding dances), choreography requests, lady's styling, dance fitness classes, stretching for dancers on a one to one basis, or if you've had 0 experience in dance and musicality. For online Dance private lessons, visit:
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Week of Monday 18/11
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