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Singing made easy! I will adapt my singing lessons to suit your needs. You may choose from a variety of genres below: • Blues – A form of African American songs, the Blues were originally sung by slaves working on plantations. Blues songs are usually accompanied by a lot of musical instruments such as trumpet, drums, piano and the like. Some of the main types of blues music are Jump Blues, Delta Blues, Chicago Blues, etc. • Classical – Considered a more serious form of music, classical music originated in Europe around the 1750’s and continued to be composed till the 1830’s. This music emphasized a single melody which all instrument players play. The types include symphony, choral, opera, Gregorian chant and more. • Country – A form of music which developed from cowboy music and the South American folk genres, country music had its roots in the southern states of the U.S.A and was born around the 1920s. There are numerous kinds of country music, and the list is endless. • Jazz – Jazz developed as a mix of African and European forms of music around the beginning of the 20th century, near the Southern states of the U.S.A. Fusion Jazz music, New Orleans style are some of the categories of Jazz music. • Latin – There’s no surprise that this form developed near Latin America. It fused Latinos, Spanish, and Portuguese music. Salsa, merengue, and tango are three of its most popular forms. • Pop – Though often equated with popular music, Pop evolved out of the rock and roll music revolution which took place around the 1950s. It concerns the interest and taste of the urban middle class, especially that of around the 2000s. This is by far the most popular genre of music worldwide and is yet to be categorized into any specific form.
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