Why do I fall into inappropriate partners?


Why do I fall into tied and inappropriate partners? Do you always come across inappropriate men/woman who are engaged or living overseas, or are bored, or something that does not allow you to have a happy relationship with him/her. Besides, in this situation, the woman/men does not have the right role model for a woman/men and she/he obviously has not seen it from her mother/father. A reason for this may be the cheating she/hi has seen in her/his family, or she/he will not trust the other sex, or attract married men/woman or herself to choose a comfortable man but to cheat him. And in any case, the woman/men feels unhappy and hurt. In this therapeutic group we will take the courage to look inward to ourselves in our hearts and see where this pain and fears are hidden. We will make constellations and spiritual practices so that we can get rid of fear and choose love. We will step into the field of PAIN, but only by stepping into this dangerous territory you will be able to get rid of it and finally let it go away from your life. I will support you in this process and we will pass along with light and love through it.
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Week of Monday 15/07
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