Drawing using Perspective & Proportion

Cromwell Road, Knightsbridge, London, SW7 2RL, Uk

Learn how to use perspective and proportion in a drawing or enhance what you already know with some fun intense imaginative exercises specifically designed to fine tune your abilities. We will be drawing in the famous Victoria & Albert Museum in central London and primarily utilising the Casting Room as our main source of visual reference. I teach using traditional drawing methods implemented by Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Maurice De Sausmarez and Alberto Giacometti. Materials required: an A3 sketchbook, an A3 drawing board with clips, Faber Castell pencils - 2b & 4b, Faber Castell portable sharpener & one eraser. (I do not provide materials though I suggest shopping for them at Cass Arts as they have very decent prices) Breakdown of lesson - 1st hour, you will learn simple techniques in using perspective, 2nd hour, you will implement what you have learned and perfect it with my guidance. Please note: It is my objective as a teacher to teach you how to "see" which means I will try to undo what you already know. If I see you are a perfectionist and are dependent on the eraser then I will forbid use of the eraser in order to let you see the problem mark making that will lead to learning to really "see" your subject before you. I really believe that to see our mistakes is to learn how to see. Without our mistakes, we can't improve. Also important to mention - if you don't see immediate improvement to your abilities, consider taking a few more classes because everyone develops at different levels and only constant practice and perseverance will see you through! Perks aside from developing your skills - I write university art portfolio recommendations to those preparing to apply for specific art programmes around the world.
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Week of Monday 15/07
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