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You will learn everything you need to know from scratch, depending also from your knowledge, we will start from Itune and how to organise music files and folders so we can easily use after with Traktor and with Rekordbox. If you choose you want to play with a laptop we will focus on Traktor while if you prefer to play with USB we will be focus more on Rekordbox. My advice is to learn both because Traktor is much better to do your own podcasts and Rekordbox is perfect if you play with USB on cdjs. You will learn also how to mix beatmatch and how to create your podcasts to promote yourself as deejay professionally. If you require, I will teach you how to create a website and then you can simply update yourself very easily. This course is for total beginner or intermediate and the hours you need really depends if you know something or zero, but I have completed courses in 6 hours. (4 hours theory and explaining stuff and 2 practical with cdjs). At the end you can book as many hours do you need till you feel fully confident and of course the most important thing is to practice. It's like driving a new car, initially it's challenging and then once you get use is very simple. If you have any question please ask telling me your needs and I will create a package for you. I teach in English and Italian. PS: If you want to DJ with laptop only I can teach you everything online and no need to book a studio in London for the practical sessions on cdj, you can practice at your home with your laptop.
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Week of Monday 21/10
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