Italian Language

Florence, Italy

Lessons are adapted to the individual or group's needs and requirements which could range from basic 'tourist' Italian in preparation for a trip to Italy to a simple longer term and more structured course with the intention of speaking, reading and understanding the Italian language as the goal. In addition to the speaking and pronunciation aspects of the lesson there will also be listening and phrasal recognition, reading and writing elements included. Or, if the student already has a certain grasp of the language and would like to meet solely for conversation time to 'brush up' and speak more fluidly I would be happy to provide this as well. If however certain grammatical issues need reviewing during the course of our conversations I will then focus on those areas- after which the student will be speaking more competently which is ultimately the end goal. For those who are traveling as someone who has lived here in Italy for over 20 years I can also provide some social, cultural and artistic recommendations depending on your particular interests.
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Week of Monday 15/07
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