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I am a composer and multi-instrumentalist with a Ph.D. from King´s College London. My music, for which I have received grants, awards, and commissions, has been performed in the UK, Europe, the US, Latin America, and Japan. I write mostly contemporary music for orchestra and chamber ensembles, but I have also a background in rock, electronic music, music for media and the stage (short films, dance, animation, performance, etc.). I have researched on the psychology of creativity and its application in composition. With this research, I have developed strategies to make the musical practice more productive, efficient, enjoyable, and rewarding. With my composition lessons, I aim to develop the techniques and working methods which can foster my student´s creativity, helping them to find their own voice and create quality work from the first lessons. Among the techniques and concepts I teach are the following: -Musical styles from the XVI to the XX century -ABSRM grades 1-8 -A-level syllabus -Music Analysis -Tonal Harmony -Modal Harmony -Instrumentation and orchestration -Songwriting -Film scoring -Composition using pitch-class sets -Twelve-tone writing -Musical forms -Electronic music (art music) -Music production and recording (Logic X) -Music notation software (Sibelius) -A-Level and composition portfolios -Proofreading and edition of university/conservatory portfolios -Methods and strategies for improvisation Together we can design a detailed work plan which can deliver you the specific knowledge, techniques, and strategies to inspire you, understand the music you like and compose the music that you are already imagining.
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