Rebirthing Breathwork

London, United Kingdom

My name is Béatrice Garoche and I have been a rebirther, life and breath coach with a 30 years experience in supporting people achieve lasting change in both their personal and professional lives. I can help you to resolve any issues /patterns you are dealing with at this point in your life, for you to be your full potential. Rebirthing Breathwork is a holistic approach that heals from the root for therapeutic effect and self development. It combines empowering conversations to see the role you play in the situation you find yourself in, and how your breath is both a cause and an effect. By learning conscious connected breathing you learn to become aware and curious of your breath, you learn to value it as a source of information and a support in your life. Relevance to your life: Our breathing affects the way we feel and vice versa, the way we feel influence our attitudes, the way we inhale reflects the way we take life in, the way we exhale reflects the way we let go, or not. We breathe 22,000 times per day approximately. As you learn new skills, and practise new life affirming habits: Compassion and kindness towards yourself Appreciation of your own needs, increasing confidence, awareness and self esteem. Replace worry and fear with contentment and satisfaction. Celebrate your strength and new skills You will alter your experiences: Reconnection with your breath for deep relaxation and inner peace An entirely new perspective on your own life A fundamental shift in your outlook, Breakthroughs in communication, relationships and leadership. The process declutters the mind, and the body with deeply relaxing effects. Letting go of long held limiting beliefs can be profoundly liberating, a sort of ‘rebirth’, which is where this practice gets its name from. To free your breath is to free your life. It is a journey to come back home. Rebirthing is recommended by Louise Hay in her bestsellers: 'You can heal your life', and 'I can do it'. It is a journey to come back home.
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Week of Monday 15/07
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