Fine tune your drumming skills

London, United Kingdom

Drum technique is based on efficiency of movement to get a desired musical effect. We focus on developing power and increasing range of speed and dynamics. These tools help you get around the kit with more finesse and musical possibility. Since every body is different, there is no one “right way” to do anything. We use rudimental studies and work on developing stick control, playing exercises slowly and focusing on efficiency of movement. Areas of technical study include full and half strokes, finger technique, push/pull, and foot technique for the bass drum and high hat with the goal of developing dynamic control and touch. Technique is a means of gaining more musicality, not of gaining technique for technique’s sake. Playing fast can be great, but the best drummers know when to use their chops. Technique gives us the means to play fast, but it also helps us to switch seamlessly between fast and slow patterns, loud and soft dynamics, and everything in between. The more control of these elements we have, the better we are able to fit into group contexts and blend to make a band sound its very best.
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Week of Monday 17/06
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