Italian - Casual learner (leisure) OR Willing to move (more practical)

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I have experience in both Italian learners that want to learn the language for pleasure, and those who need to learn the language because they have to move to Italy (for work or family). The two are obviously different because whereas in the former it's more about what the student actually enjoys doing and gives space to games and extra activities, the latter is more goal-focused: it might be an intense course of 40 hours or a longer period, but if you need to move to Italy, then you probably need to handle practical stuff like buying a house or car, the school system, etc. I normally use mixed materials, as I like to create tailor-made lessons in a student-centred approach: if I realise that the student does get bored while doing some activities, I won't push, I will work it out doing the same stuff but with a different sort of activity, so that it's a win win. If, on the other hand, I underdstand that the student loves movies, I will do my best to find a new scene or short movie to show every single time.
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