Learn Basic Household Electrics

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A private 2 hour introductory workshop to the principles of home electrics - in the comfort of your own home. This short workshop covers the most common requests that homeowners, landlords and tenants need to know more about. Explained in simple terminology, and with practical hands-on guidance, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to care for your own home in safety. Electrical work can be a bit intimidating, especially for someone new to construction or DIY. Understanding more about electricity can help you determine what types of electrical projects you'd be comfortable tackling on your own. See how to test and avoid faulty wiring when performing simple repairs at home. Look under the ‘bonnet’ of your consumer unit (Fuse box) and understand what it’s connected to and how to turn the supply off and on. Understand the basic wiring system in your home. Learn how to use inexpensive hand tools to wire a simple lighting circuit safely. Learn when to use 2 core or 3 core cable and how to fit an inline switch. Practice changing switches to dimmers, look behind socket plates and understand how to change ceiling pendants. Stay safe in your home by finding out what you can and can’t do yourself without certification. We will also offer tips on ways to reduce your electricity bill.
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Week of Monday 15/07
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