About Us

For the curious, the inquisitive, the inspired, and the inspiring, a warm welcome to bemore, your exploration into learning without limits. We know that some of life's best lessons happen in the most

unconventional ways, that's why our platform takes you beyond books and the classroom. Search for a lesson that includes an early morning swim at an outdoor lido, find a teacher that teaches Spanish

in a tapas joint or throw yourself into BMX riding at the skate park. Our goal is to connect inspirational teachers with those looking for something a little different.

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Connection & Community

bemore is about building like-minded communities where people can develop and inspire each other. It's your teacher who makes everything come alive. When you're being inspired by another person, their.

journey, their stories and their passion, they can become the difference between simply reading the words on a page and turning that page into a new chapter in your life.

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